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FanGenre APK is a 3rd-party application that progressively increases your Instagram followers. Several tools have been created by the creators to help you obtain followers by investing some effort and earning coins, which will help you solve your problem. You’ll progressively gain more followers and likes once you’ve accumulated a certain number of coins.

FanGenre APK

Additionally, a lot of additional data can be accessed, such as who’s blocking you, who reads your tales, who enjoys your postings a lot, and who doesn’t follow you back. The information that Instagram is withholding from you may be discovered via this app. You will start gaining actual Instagram followers, likes, and comments when we present you with the most popular hashtags, which have a significant influence on your popularity. 

FanGenre APK

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   FanGenre APK

FanGenre APK Features

Followers, Unfollowers Activity Check

It happens frequently that a follower never likes or disapproves of your post, whereas a non-follower consistently expresses their approval of your postings. It is also a drawback on official that you cannot see who has unfollowed or blocked you. To find all of these possibilities, use this app. It indicates the number of people who follow you, enjoy your posts, and unfollow you.

Instagram Account Information

When we use certain social media platforms, we are inquisitive about the statistics of views, likes, and impressions. Also, you are aware that official websites do not have these functionalities. It reveals the number of individuals who have liked or disapproved of your daily, weekly, or monthly content as well as your views and impressions.

Get Likes and Followers

Your followers and post likes will progressively grow as a result of the fan genre’s increased profile traffic. Up to 1000 followers can be added, and you can earn money each day.

Popular Hashtag Ideas

Hashtags are essential for attracting visitors to Instagram postings. Nevertheless, using the same popular or trending hashtags for your article in hopes that it would become viral is not recommended. You can utilize Fangenre to your advantage by seeing which precise terms may be used as hashtags and how users will search using those hashtags.

Additional Features

Many more functions are available in this app to increase profile visitors, participate in hashtag games, see what your buddy is doing on Instagram, and inquire about new tags for recent postings.

Pros and Cons of FanGenre


  • This app is safe and confidential for your Android mobile phone.
  • You can use this app easily due to its simple interface.
  • This app is beginners friendly due to its user-friendly Interface.
  • This app will provide you with free, authentic, and Permanent followers.


  • This app will increase the limited followers.
  • This is a coin-based application, without coins you are not able to increase your followers.
  • It takes time to increase followers.

How to Download FanGenre APK?

It’s easy to download this app by doing the following:

  • Firstly, open Google Chrome on your smartphone, then searches for “FanGenre APK” to download the latest version.
  • We offer this application on our website, but you can also find it on any third-party websites. 
  • Click the download link at the bottom of the website and wait for it to download to your device’s downloads folder as soon as it is finished downloading.

How to Install FanGenre APK?

The steps that follow ought to be followed to install this app on your smartphone:

  • Must select the option to enable installation from unknown sources in the device settings. The “Unknown Resources” option can be found under “Permissions” in the “Security” menu.
  • When you have found the APK file for it in your downloads folder, click the install button and choose whether you want to install or cancel the app.
  • Installing the app is as simple as choosing the install option and waiting for it to finish. Once you have finished installing the app, you can start using it.


Is this App Advertisement Free?

Yes, this app is free from irritating advertisements.

Can I use this App on My Android Mobile Phone?

Yes, you can use this app on your Android mobile phone.

Is this App Free to Use?

Indeed, using this app is completely free.


An unpaid social media app is called FanGenre – Earn Followers for Instagram. Your cell phone may easily be downloaded and installed by this app. Whether you are a photographer, own a small company, or simply like using social media to achieve popularity online by uploading images, you have come to the correct spot. Simply utilize our most recent hashtags to become well-known on Instagram and to increase your number of actual followers, or “IG followers,” as well as likes, comments, and views.

If you utilize this, you may see the Instagram posts that are most popular and receive the most comments. It is possible for you to find your undetectable supporters and followers. Finding the Instagram profiles that have been removed from your account will be made easier by doing this.

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